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Malaysia Virtual Airlines Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at Malaysia Virtual Airlines.

1) Pireps

1.1) -1,500FPM is the maximum landing rate at which you can land without your pirep being rejected
1.2) Time acceleration is not allowed on any flight under 500nm, any time acceleration on flights under 500nm will be rejected.
1.3) We do not allow slew on any flights, you must place a comment if you accidently hit the slew button.
1.4) You must stick to your rank, you can switch the aircraft as long as the aircraft you fly you are ranked to fly.
1.5) If filing a pirep manually, you must fill out the fuel used, otherwise your pirep will be rejected.
1.6) The use of mACARS, xACARS, FSPAX, MVacars is not required but much appreciated.
1.7) Using FSPAX you can submit a maximum of 5 pireps in one day. Anymore will be rejected.
1.8) Double hours are only given for participation in an official MVA event, or one of our partner VA's or Vatsim Malaysia vACC event. You must include a comment in the pirep stating such. It should be as follows: Took part in X event with X VA/Vatsim Malaysia vACC. Any pirep that just says Double hours will not get double hours credited.

2) Registration

2.1) You must provide your real name, we will not accept any form of nickname or numbers.
2.2) You must be at least 13 years or older.
2.3) When putting in your facebook name, it is not your full name, it is the part at the end of the url for your Facebook profile. Example: The bold underlined part is the facebook name. We only require that part, nothing else.
2.4) A valid email is required, so that contact can be made if the need arises, it also lets you know when your application has been approved or declined.

3) Online Flying

3.1) When flying online you must obey all ATC instructions, and requests to contact them, ignoring them you are giving Malaysia Virtual Airlines a bad name.
3.2) Be respectful of other users on all networks.
3.3) Follow the rules set out by the networks.

4) Forum and Social Media

4.1) When registering on the forum we request you use the following format for your display name: Pilot ID_Name.
4.2) When uploading a screenshot to the gallery it must be one you have taken or have permission from its owner to upload it to the gallery, any image reported as being uploaded against the owners will, will be removed, and uploader given a warning.
4.3) When uploading any file to the downloads section, the uploader must either own the file or have permission from the owner to upload it.
4.4) Under no circumstances must you upload any payware model,scenery, repaint, any such files will be removed and the user will have his upload privileges revoked.
4.5) Unless you own the photo, you must only link to the image from on the forum and Facebook page.
4.6) When posting to the Facebook page do not post any links to illegal downloads of software or discuss it, as we will remove those posts.
4.7) Under no circumstances must you link to any file sharing site that has an illegal download for any software, we will remove the posts and put the users profile under moderator approval.

5) Pilots

5.1) You are required to file at least 1 Pirep a month to remain active.
5.2) You must respect other pilots and staff at Malaysia Virtual Airlines. Any report of any form of cyber bullying, disrespectful behaviour towards any other member or staff member will be dealt with. There is a zero tolerance to cyber bullying at Malaysia Virtual Airlines, a member found to be cyber bullying any other member will be banned from Malaysia Virtual Airlines.

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