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Pilots: 397
Total Airline Hours: 109,271
Flights: 35,328
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 39,712,175
Aircraft: 850
Passengers: 142,153,056
Routes: 2535
Pilots flying online vatsim: 0


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Posted by Daniel Counahan on 10/07/2021

Light up South East Asia

\r\n VATSIM South East Asia Division is proud to present our bi-annual division-scaled event, Light Up South East Asia! Spanning across 13 FIRs, we aim to provide top-down ATC services within each country’s capital. During the 5-hour event, we warmly invite pilots to fly into and out of our focus city to the other capital cities in the division. Our first light-up in 2021 will focus on the city of Jakarta. Join us on 31 July from 1200Z-1700z as we show you our warm hospitality.


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Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MH1384Muhammad Akmal IslanWMKKWMKCB737-8H601.10-521 ft/m Pending
MH1205Muhammad Akmal IslanWMKAWMKKB737-8H60.480 ft/m Pending
MH624Faiz FaridWSSSWMKKB737-8H601.01-175 ft/m Pending
MH1204Muhammad Akmal IslanWMKKWMKAB737-8H600.53-32 ft/m Pending
MH623Faiz FaridWMKKWSSSB737-8H600.53-208 ft/m Pending
MH1433Muhammad Akmal IslanWMKLWMKKB737-8H601.02-184 ft/m Pending
MH1432Muhammad Akmal IslanWMKKWMKLB737-8H600.55-194 ft/m Pending
MHC61Daniel CounahanWMKKYPADA330-223F07.01-16 ft/m Accepted
MH1437Adlan AbdullahWMKLWMKKB737-8H601.14-392 ft/m Accepted
MH1436Adlan AbdullahWMKKWMKLB737-8H600.52-100 ft/m Accepted

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Recent Bids

KHAIRUL has chosen flight MH601 departing from WMKK arriving at WSSS,and will be flying a B737-8H6 (9M-MXA)

Faiz has chosen flight AK6112 departing from WMKK arriving at WMKP,and will be flying a A320-216 (9M-AQE)

Roman has chosen flight OD177A departing from WMKK arriving at WADD,and will be flying a B737-8GP (9M-LNR)

Weng Keong has chosen flight D7234 departing from WMKK arriving at YPPH,and will be flying a A330-343 (9M-XXD)

Recent Activity

MH1973 Muhammad Akmal Islan has filed a PIREP from WMKK to WMKC View Flight Report

MH1973 Muhammad Akmal Islan has filed a PIREP from WMKA to WMKK View Flight Report

MH1954 Faiz Farid has filed a PIREP from WSSS to WMKK View Flight Report

MH1973 Muhammad Akmal Islan has filed a PIREP from WMKK to WMKA View Flight Report

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