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Pilots: 385
Total Airline Hours: 100,666
Flights: 31,836
Flights Today: 2
Miles Flown: 36,861,903
Aircraft: 847
Passengers: 142,144,130
Routes: 2336
Pilots flying online vatsim: 0

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Company News

Posted by Daniel Counahan on 16/05/2020

VA positions

We have the following positions open at MVA:

Chief Pilots
HR Director
Events Director
Social Media Manager
Fleet Manager

If you would like to help out at MVA please send an email to with subject line as *position name* application. Include in the body:
Full name
Pilot ID
Position applied for
For chief pilots only:
Info about yourself
Previous Staff positions at other VA's

Live Flights

Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
OD1821Sheikh Izzuddin AzraeiWMKEWMSAATR72-50001.05-141 ft/m Accepted
MH721Ghazali Abd. GhaniWMKKWIIIA330-22302.26-181 ft/m Accepted
MH1433Daniel CounahanWMKLWMKKB737-8H601.13-48 ft/m Accepted
OD1822Sheikh Izzuddin AzraeiWMSAWMKEATR72-50000.54-173 ft/m Accepted
MH1140Miguel Mc CaffreyWMKKWMKPB737-8H600.55-1426 ft/m Accepted
MH2505Raoul DisteldorffWBGGWMKKB737-8H601.37-192 ft/m Accepted
MH395Mohammad Asswandy LamsariZSPDWBKKB737-8H604.08-211 ft/m Accepted
MH433Graham SmithVHHHWMKKB737-8H603.32-135 ft/m Accepted
MH1138Pierre CastonguayWMKKWMKPB737-8H600.46-29 ft/m Accepted
AK6454Daniel CounahanWMKJWMKLA320-21601.31-98 ft/m Accepted

Pilots Online

There have been 2 user(s), and 189 guest(s) online in the past 20 minutes.

Daniel CounahanIreland
Miguel Mc CaffreyIreland

Recent Bids

Sheikh Izzuddin has chosen flight FY1144 departing from WMSA arriving at WMKC,and will be flying a ATR72-500 (9M-FYI)

Mohammad Asswandy has chosen flight MH126 departing from YPPH arriving at WMKK,and will be flying a A330-223 (9M-MTX)

Mohammad Asswandy has chosen flight MH121 departing from WBKK arriving at YPPH,and will be flying a B737-8H6 (9M-MXJ)

Martin has chosen flight OD2204 departing from WMKK arriving at WMKL,and will be flying a B737-8GP (9M-LNS)

Recent Activity

MH369 Sheikh Izzuddin Azraei has filed a PIREP from WMKE to WMSA View Flight Report

MH743 Ghazali Abd. Ghani has filed a PIREP from WMKK to WIII View Flight Report

MH101 Daniel Counahan has filed a PIREP from WMKL to WMKK View Flight Report

MH369 Sheikh Izzuddin Azraei has filed a PIREP from WMSA to WMKE View Flight Report

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