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Pilots: 385
Total Airline Hours: 100,666
Flights: 31,836
Flights Today: 3
Miles Flown: 36,861,903
Aircraft: 847
Passengers: 142,144,130
Routes: 2336
Pilots flying online vatsim: 0

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Company News

Posted by Daniel Counahan on 16/05/2020

VA positions

We have the following positions open at MVA:

Chief Pilots
HR Director
Events Director
Social Media Manager
Fleet Manager

If you would like to help out at MVA please send an email to with subject line as *position name* application. Include in the body:
Full name
Pilot ID
Position applied for
For chief pilots only:
Info about yourself
Previous Staff positions at other VA's

Live Flights

Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MH121Mohammad Asswandy LamsariWBKKYPPHA330-32305.47-1087 ft/m Pending
OD1821Sheikh Izzuddin AzraeiWMKEWMSAATR72-50001.05-141 ft/m Accepted
MH721Ghazali Abd. GhaniWMKKWIIIA330-22302.26-181 ft/m Accepted
MH1433Daniel CounahanWMKLWMKKB737-8H601.13-48 ft/m Accepted
OD1822Sheikh Izzuddin AzraeiWMSAWMKEATR72-50000.54-173 ft/m Accepted
MH1140Miguel Mc CaffreyWMKKWMKPB737-8H600.55-1426 ft/m Accepted
MH2505Raoul DisteldorffWBGGWMKKB737-8H601.37-192 ft/m Accepted
MH395Mohammad Asswandy LamsariZSPDWBKKB737-8H604.08-211 ft/m Accepted
MH433Graham SmithVHHHWMKKB737-8H603.32-135 ft/m Accepted
MH1138Pierre CastonguayWMKKWMKPB737-8H600.46-29 ft/m Accepted

Pilots Online

There have been 1 user(s), and 603 guest(s) online in the past 20 minutes.

Daniel CounahanIreland

Recent Bids

Sheikh Izzuddin has chosen flight FY1144 departing from WMSA arriving at WMKC,and will be flying a ATR72-500 (9M-FYI)

Mohammad Asswandy has chosen flight MH126 departing from YPPH arriving at WMKK,and will be flying a A330-223 (9M-MTX)

Martin has chosen flight OD2204 departing from WMKK arriving at WMKL,and will be flying a B737-8GP (9M-LNS)

Daniel has chosen flight MH129 departing from WMKK arriving at YMML,and will be flying a A330-323 (9M-MTK)

Recent Activity

MH1892 Mohammad Asswandy Lamsari has filed a PIREP from WBKK to YPPH View Flight Report

MH369 Sheikh Izzuddin Azraei has filed a PIREP from WMKE to WMSA View Flight Report

MH743 Ghazali Abd. Ghani has filed a PIREP from WMKK to WIII View Flight Report

MH101 Daniel Counahan has filed a PIREP from WMKL to WMKK View Flight Report

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