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Pilots: 371
Total Airline Hours: 101,255
Flights: 32,077
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 37,150,213
Aircraft: 848
Passengers: 142,147,729
Routes: 2438
Pilots flying online vatsim: 0

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Posted by Daniel Counahan on 09/07/2020

PIREPS working again

The last number of days we have had a very confusing and troubling problem which caused us to effectively go down. But the problem has been fixed and we should be back to normal. Please log on and fly with MVA again.

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Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
AK113Sheikh Izzuddin AzraeiZGGGWMKKA320-216(WL)03.35-171 ft/m Accepted
MH1286Ronny ChiaWMKKWMKDB737-8H600.54-131 ft/m Accepted
MH2715Vincent ChengWBGSWMKKB737-8H601.42-97 ft/m Accepted
MH2650Ronny ChiaWMKKWBKKB737-8FZ02.13-340 ft/m Accepted
MH78Mohammad Asswandy LamsariWMKKVHHHB737-8H603.45-147 ft/m Accepted
MH2712Vincent ChengWMKKWBGSB737-8H601.51-101 ft/m Accepted
AK112Sheikh Izzuddin AzraeiWMKKZGGGA320-216(WL)03.49-177 ft/m Accepted
TK61Daniel CounahanWMKKLTBAA340-31109.50-161 ft/m Accepted
MK6478Ergest EriWMKKZGGGA330-223F03.47-121 ft/m Accepted
MH2804Stanley SangWBGGWBGRB737-8H601.06-71 ft/m Accepted

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Daniel CounahanIreland

Recent Bids

Ergest has chosen flight MK6162 departing from WMKK arriving at ZSPD,and will be flying a A330-223F (9M-MUD)

Ergest has chosen flight MK6479 departing from ZGGG arriving at WMKK,and will be flying a A330-223F (9M-MUB)

Stanley has chosen flight MH724 departing from WIII arriving at WMKK,and will be flying a B737-8H6 (9M-MLP)

Mohammad Asswandy has chosen flight MH79 departing from VHHH arriving at WMKK,and will be flying a B737-8H6 (9M-MXJ)

Recent Activity

MH369 Sheikh Izzuddin Azraei has filed a PIREP from ZGGG to WMKK View Flight Report

MH137 Ronny Chia has filed a PIREP from WMKK to WMKD View Flight Report

MH201 Vincent Cheng has filed a PIREP from WBGS to WMKK View Flight Report

MH137 Ronny Chia has filed a PIREP from WMKK to WBKK View Flight Report

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