Profile For Muhd Amir Firdaus Shahrul Aswan

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Pilot ID: MH956 Rank: Student Pilot Total Flights: 6 Total Flights this month: 0
Student Pilot Total Hours: 9.55 Location: Malaysia Malaysia
Vatsim ID: 1276437IVAO ID:



Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MH432 WMKK VHHH B737-8H6 (9M-MXC) 03.40.59 29/12/2013 Accepted
MH860 WMKK WIMM B737-4H6 (9M-MQN) 00.46.30 28/12/2013 Accepted
MH9380 WMKK ZSFZ B737-85C (B-5307) 01.28.30 25/12/2013 Accepted
MH616 WSSS WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MXG) 01.04.49 21/12/2013 Rejected
MH2606 WMKK WBKK B737-4H6 (9M-MQQ) 01.34.54 18/12/2013 Accepted
MH9555 KSFO KLAX B737-823 (N881NN) 01.06.51 16/12/2013 Rejected
MH1389 WMKC WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MLQ) 01.30.51 16/12/2013 Accepted
MH2514 WMKK WMKL B737-4H6 (9M-MMR) 00.53.49 15/12/2013 Accepted

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Recent Bookings

41781 - MH1437 - WMKL to WMKK
41779 - MH103 - VGHS to WMKK
41778 - MH102 - WMKK to VGHS
41777 - MH377 - ZGGG to WMKK
41776 - MH376 - WMKK to ZGGG

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