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Zainudin Zan's Statistics

Name Zainudin Zan Hours 36.39
Pilot ID MH1709 Flights 24
Hub WMKK Distance Flown 35930804 miles
Rank Instrument Rated Pilot Last Flight 1207 Days ago
Hire Date: 05/01/2016 Last Flight Date 05/31/2016

Zainudin Zan (Hired 1238 days ago!)

Awards (0)

Pilot has not earned any awatds yet. Maybe send him a reminder to fly.

PIREP's List (24)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MH1389 WMKC WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MXP) 00.59.00 31/05/2016 Accepted
MH1143 WMKP WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MLS) 01.10.09 30/05/2016 Accepted
MH1158 WMKK WMKP B737-8H6 (9M-MLU) 01.13.39 24/05/2016 Accepted
MH80 WBKK RJAA B737-8H6 (9M-MXB) 05.29.45 22/05/2016 Accepted
MH1209 WMKA WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MLV) 01.12.26 21/05/2016 Accepted
MH1252 WMKK WMKA B737-8H6 (9M-MXJ) 01.05.09 21/05/2016 Accepted
MH1439 WMKL WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MLU) 01.08.06 15/05/2016 Accepted
MH1450 WMKK WMKL B737-8H6 (9M-MSD) 00.57.19 14/05/2016 Accepted
MH1432 WMKK WMKL B737-8FZ (9M-MLG) 01.07.41 13/05/2016 Accepted
MH2514 WMKK WBGG B737-8H6 (9M-MSH) 01.42.44 10/05/2016 Accepted
MH1389 WMKC WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MXP) 00.59.59 08/05/2016 Accepted
MH1388 WMKK WMKC B737-8H6 (9M-MXP) 00.54.11 08/05/2016 Accepted
MH1446 WMKK WMKL B737-8H6 (9M-MXX) 01.00.16 07/05/2016 Accepted
MH712 WIII WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MXR) 01.56.50 07/05/2016 Accepted
MH713 WMKK WIII B737-8H6 (9M-MXR) 01.59.26 06/05/2016 Accepted
MH704 WMKK RPLL B737-8H6 (9M-MXK) 03.34.25 06/05/2016 Accepted
MH861 WIMM WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MXI) 01.09.25 05/05/2016 Accepted
MH2641 WBKK WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MLT) 02.27.21 05/05/2016 Accepted
MH624 WSSS WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MLR) 00.45.47 04/05/2016 Accepted
MH2806 WBGG WBKK B737-8H6 (9M-MXA) 01.18.54 04/05/2016 Accepted
MH2542 WMKK WBGG B737-8H6 (9M-MLR) 01.43.39 04/05/2016 Accepted
MH1436 WMKK WMKL B737-8H6 (9M-MLQ) 01.00.26 03/05/2016 Accepted
MH1149 WMKP WMKK B737-8H6 (9M-MXA) 00.43.34 03/05/2016 Accepted
MH1138 WMKK WMKP B737-8H6 (9M-MSI) 00.58.53 03/05/2016 Accepted

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