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Pilot ID: MH1510 Rank: Second Officer Total Flights: 5 Total Flights this month: 0
Second Officer Total Hours: 117.51 Location: Netherlands Netherlands
Vatsim ID: 1253397IVAO ID: 427352



Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
AK722 WSSS WMKK A320-214 (9M-AFA) 00.35 20/09/2015 Accepted
MH9268 EHAM EFHK A320-214 (OH-LXH) 01.51 09/07/2015 Accepted
MH9268 EHAM EFHK A320-214 (OH-LXH) 02.34.11 09/06/2015 Accepted
AK6013 WMKA WMKK A320-214 (9M-AFA) 01.28.17 13/05/2015 Accepted
AK126 WMKK ZGSZ A320-214 (9M-AFE) 03.59.00 11/05/2015 Accepted

Newest Pilots

AK1834 Aslester Tok Malaysia
MH1833 Dylan Cope United Kingdom
MH1832 Ariffatiq Umara Haritsyah Indonesia
MH1831 Muhammad Zulhakimi Mohd Bijuri Malaysia
MK1830 Joao De Almeida Portugal

Recent Bookings

39705 - MH775 - VTBS to WMKK
39704 - MH2527 - WBGG to WMKK
39700 - AK582 - WMKK to RPLL
39699 - OD1001 - WBKK to WMKK
39697 - AK582 - WMKK to RPLL

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