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Carlos Canoeiro's Statistics

Name Carlos Canoeiro Hours 14.44
Pilot ID AK1065 Flights 4
Hub WMKK Distance Flown 35930804 miles
Rank Private Pilot Last Flight 2006 Days ago
Hire Date: 03/21/2014 Last Flight Date 03/22/2014

Carlos Canoeiro (Hired 2009 days ago!)

Awards (0)

Pilot has not earned any awatds yet. Maybe send him a reminder to fly.

PIREP's List (4)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MH121 WBKK YPPH B737-86N (9M-MLC) 05.36.08 22/03/2014 Accepted
MH121 WBKK YPPH B737-86N (9M-MLC) 05.36.08 22/03/2014 Accepted
MH3328 WBGB WBKK ATR72-500 (9M-FYE) 01.21.05 22/03/2014 Accepted
AK5144 WMKK WBGB A320-216 (9M-AFQ) 02.11.22 22/03/2014 Accepted

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