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  1. I attached the livery I requested from a repainter below for anyone who is interested
  2. Great news! I have a reapint for the PMDG 777 on order (9M-MRJ) once my friend is done painting it I will share it on here as well Keep up the great work
  3. The one in the ops center is 9M-MRX and doesn't have the one world logo next to the fromt doors :/
  4. Hey just asking in here about a repaint seen on the facebook page of MVA (looks like 9M-MRC) Is there anywhere to download this particular repaint? pic:
  5. Hello dear MVA staff! I don't know if it could be of any interest but I researched all the ceased (I think I got them all) 777 routes of malaysia airlines and thought it could be interesting to have them added to the classic malaysia routes (most of the routes are already in there, so I will just write down the ones not in the classic schedule so far), so here they are (research done using - Hong Kong Airport (new) - Perth Airport - Kota Kinabalu - Taipei - Mumbai - Singapore - Beijing - Seoul - Langkawi (summer only) - Hakodate - Manchester (ceased 2007) - Penang - Shanghai - Tokyo -Sydney (1990's) - Brisbane (1990's) -Newark (1990's) - Adelaide (early 2000's) Thought I would share them in here, once again thanks a lot for your great work
  6. No need to apologise! And thanks a lot, really appreciated! And thanks again for your work, only joined not so long ago but I absolutely love this VA! Keep up the great work
  7. Hello and first of all a huge thank you for accepting me into the va, really means a lot to me flying for malaysia airlines (at least virtually ) I just wanted to ask if I can fly MAS A330 routes with the 777-200? Regards and thanks again