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  1. I need to renew the licence for the download center, which i will do soon
  2. I think it is the one that is in the ops center for the pmdg 777.
  3. Hi sorry for the late reply, been busy with work. If you have the rank to fly the 777 yes you can use it on a route that is down for the A330. The airport you fly to must also be ableto handle the aircraft you subsitute.
  4. acars

    I am unsure, I can try and see if I can recreate the problem myself, it could also be that the default scenery for WIMM is in aligned correctly with the real world counter part.
  5. acars

    That seems like a smartcars problem, and smartcars is not a fully custom system unlike macars is.
  6. acars

    Try macars.
  7. fsuipc

    The following are required for the use of our acars programs. FSX, FSX:SE and P3D: FSUIPC4 4.958 FS9: FSUIPC 3.999z9 Regards Daniel Counahan
  8. Please reactive my account...


    Thank You..



  9. acars

    The following are the acars programs we use. smartCARS mACARS
  10. Ok, once reactive you must fly asap You are already active, you are not marked inactive
  11. In the acars report, it recorded you as going 8x. Hence that comment and rejection.
  12. Transfered.
  13. I will transfer 50% which is 3061.5 Want me to transfer them to MH1652 or MH1022?
  14. Hi, yes you may transfer hours from another VA to MVA, I need the link to the previous VA to verify the hours, and once verified I will transfer 50% as that is all anyone gets transfered here at MVA. Tell me how much hours you have at the other VA,
  15. Login to macars or smartcars and fly, and once the pirep has been filed, you will be marked as active again