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Welcome to Malaysia Virtual Airlines, based upon the real world activities of Malaysia Airlines, Transmile Air Services, AirAsia, AirAsia X, Firefly, MASWings, MASKargo, Berjaya Air, Malaindo Air. To get to the real world Malaysia Airlines please click here.

Recent Flights

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Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate Aircraft
AK 758 WSSS WMKP 01.13.14 MH1241 Izral Izuddin -227 FT/M A320-216(WL)
MC 83 RJTT WBKK 05.12.29 MH651 Marsidi Kuyuh -135 FT/M A330-223F
MH 607 WMKK WSSS 00.53.23 MH1241 Izral Izuddin -287 FT/M B737-8FZ
MC 157 OLBA OMDB 03.00.36 MH362 Dirran Krishnaraj -184 FT/M A330-223
MC 156 OMDB OLBA 03.09.47 MH362 Dirran Krishnaraj -362 FT/M A330-223


Total Pilots: 1076
Total Hours: 64095.24
Total Flights: 18670
Miles Flown: 23387443nm
Total Schedules: 1938
Total Codeshares: 330
Total Aircraft: 468
Total Flights Today: 5
mACARS count: 10581
Xacars count: 1191
FSPax count: 700
kACARS count: 3311
Manual pirep count: 3267
Total ACARS flights now: 7
Pilots online: 5
Guests online: 27
VACentral Rank: 15
Pilot Recruitment Status: Open
Staff Recruitment Status: Open

Flights In progress

Flight Origin Destination AircraftM Status  
  XAX222 Sepang/KL International Airport Sydney International Airport A330-343X Paused
  OD306 Sepang/KL International Airport Denpasar / Ngurah-Rai B737-9GPER Descending
  OD1017 Kota Kinabalu Sepang/KL International Airport B737-9GPER Cruise
  XAX181 MalĂ© International Airport Sepang/KL International Airport A330-343X Climbing
  qd1602 Sepang/KL International Airport Kuching Airport B737-7K2 Climbing
  MH780 Sepang/KL International Airport Suvarnabhumi B737-8H6 Climbing
  MH118 Sepang/KL International Airport Cochin International Airport B737-8H6 Cruise

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