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Pilots: 361
Total Airline Hours: 98,327
Flights: 30,762
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 36,006,912
Aircraft: 546
Passengers: 141,884,967
Routes: 2103
Pilots flying online vatsim: 0

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Posted by Daniel Counahan on 23/02/2019

Asian tigers City Hop

come join this great event

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MH1165Vincent ChengWMKPWMKKB737-8H600.58-172 ft/m Accepted
MH1162Vincent ChengWMKKWMKPB737-8H600.54-120 ft/m Accepted
AK11Muhammad RizalWMKKVOMMB737-8H603.54-123 ft/m Accepted
AK156Muhammad RizalWMKKZGKLB737-8GP03.40-318 ft/m Accepted
MH1459Raoul DisteldorffWMKLWMKKB737-8H601.10-224 ft/m Accepted
MH1456Raoul DisteldorffWMKKWMKLB737-8H601.18-188 ft/m Accepted
MC176Cyril CheutinVRMMWMKKB737-8FZ04.10-41 ft/m Accepted
MH2527Stanley SangWBGGWMKKB737-8H601.15-251 ft/m Accepted
MH2805Stanley SangWBGRWBGGB737-8H600.46-148 ft/m Accepted
MH4Daniel CounahanWMKKEGLLB747-4H612.19.50-138 ft/m Accepted

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Daniel CounahanIreland

Recent Bids

Rahmad has chosen flight MH715 departing from WMKK arriving at WADD,and will be flying a B777-2H6ER (9M-MRP)

Stanley has chosen flight MH757 departing from VVNB arriving at WMKK,and will be flying a B737-8H6 (9M-MXE)

Muhammad has chosen flight MH195 departing from VABB arriving at WMKK,and will be flying a B737-8H6 (9M-MXY)

Muhammad has chosen flight MH145 departing from WMKK arriving at YPDN,and will be flying a B737-8H6 (9M-MXO)

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MH1881 Rahmad Ramdany has just joined, welcome aboard! View Profile

MH1881 Rahmad Ramdany has been promoted to Student Pilot!

MH201 Vincent Cheng has filed a PIREP from WMKP to WMKK View Flight Report

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